Companies of Schwarz Group start a strategic partnership with RCD Mallorca

Zero Waste, maximum cyber security: Companies of Schwarz Group start a strategic partnership with RCD Mallorca

Neckarsulm, 11. April 2024

Zero Waste, maximum cyber security: Companies of Schwarz Group start a strategic partnership with RCD Mallorca

  • PreZero accompanies RCD Mallorca with sustainable recycling management on its way to becoming a zero waste pioneer in Spain
  • The XM Cyber platform prevents hacker attacks and improves the cyber security of the clubs' IT Infrastructure


Neckarsulm/Palma de Mallorca, 11 April 2024 - RCD Mallorca and the companies of Schwarz Group PreZero and XM Cyber are setting an example for a more careful use of resources in sport and digital security in Spanish professional football. With the goal of making the home ground of Estadi Mallorca Son Moix the first in Spain that follows the vision of zero waste, the partnership is groundbreaking for the Spanish soccer league LaLiga. The long-term cooperation is also intended to sensitize RCD Mallorca fans to the finiteness of resources, the importance of the circular economy and the topic of cyber security.

Through the cooperation, RCD Mallorca will become a first mover in the implementation of the transformation plans within the first Spanish soccer league LaLiga. It provides its associations with financial resources for infrastructure projects, a large part of which are planned for sustainability and digitization projects.

Football connects: on the road to zero waste together

PreZero, one of the leading environmental service providers in Europe, will optimize waste management at RCD Mallorca in future. Together, PreZero and the long-established football club have decided to tackle the issue of zero waste and thus promote a more careful use of resources in sport.

"We want to utilize our strengths together and set an example for a more responsible use of resources – both in sport and in society," explains Wolf Tiedemann, CEO of PreZero International. "We are proud to be working closely with RCD Mallorca in the future. Together with the club and its fans and partners, we want to raise awareness of the circular economy and thus the conservation of natural resources."

Together with RCD Mallorca, the aim is to avoid and reduce waste at the Mallorcan club's home ground and create opportunities for reuse and recycling. The island of Mallorca, with its environmental targets, which are among the most ambitious in Europe, is a suitable starting point for defining new environmental standards in sport. "This agreement is a starting point on the road to zero waste for professional football in Spain," says Gonzalo Cañete, CEO of PreZero Spain and Portugal. "We share with RCD Mallorca its commitment to become a world-class reference for environmental sustainability for the entire sports industry."

Strong defence – even in cyberspace

In addition to its collaboration on recycling management, RCD Mallorca also uses the cyber security solution from XM Cyber. The company is part of Schwarz Digits, the IT and digital division of the Schwarz Group. "Football clubs have a great deal of trust from their members and fans. They disclose data to them and often interact intensively with each other, including digitally," says Rolf Schumann, Co-CEO of Schwarz Digits. "Appropriate protection of confidential data and the entire IT infrastructure is essential for this trust. We are therefore delighted that RCD Mallorca is giving the issue the attention it needs. With XM Cyber, the club has gained a top player for digital defence." XM Cyber's Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) enables RCD Mallorca to keep an eye on its own IT infrastructure 24 hours a day from the perspective of potential attackers. The solution also prioritises vulnerabilities according to criticality, even in hybrid landscapes, thereby saving resources and creating a new level of cyber security.

"We are excited to announce this strategic partnership with the companies of Schwarz Group seeing PreZero and XM Cyber become official partners of RCD Mallorca. Our club is ongoing an important growth and internationalization process and this is yet another and very important step in it. This alliance shows that RCD Mallorca is doing things the right way and attracting the interest of leading international entities. This collaboration is long-term and will be the beginning of a common path in the areas of resource conservation, recycling management and digital security," explains Andy Kohlberg, the President of RCD Mallorca.