Successful Cloud X Summit in Heilbronn comes to an end.

Successful Cloud X Summit in Heilbronn comes to an end.

Neckarsulm, 19. June 2024

Free cloud and strong partnerships: Schwarz Digits is digitalizing educational and research institutions

  • STACKIT is offering universities and research institutions free and discounted cloud services
  • Strategic partnership has been announced at the Cloud X Summit between Schwarz Digits and adesso for superior German solutions
  • Schwarz Digits, adesso, and Aleph Alpha are joining forces to develop secure applications for artificial intelligence

Neckarsulm, June 19, 2024 – STACKIT, the cloud provider of Schwarz Digits offering data sovereignty, has been supporting the institutions at the Heilbronn Bildungscampus with cloud services for many years. This offer is now being rolled out across Germany as part of the “Academia” program. Universities and research institutions will be given the opportunity to use STACKIT cloud services for free, in some cases, or at a heavily reduced price for research, education, and their production systems. “Education and research are the cornerstones of social progress,” says Walter Wolf, Board Member at Schwarz IT, explaining this step at the Cloud X Summit. “That is why it is essential that we store and process scientific data in Germany. We cannot afford to make any compromises when it comes to data sovereignty in science.”

Sovereign digital transformation was also the focus of the Cloud X Summit, STACKIT's partner and customer event, which was held at the Heilbronn Bildungscampus. Every year, the event brings together cloud experts from the fields of health, economics, the public sector, politics, and sport.

Strategic Partnership with IT Service Provider adesso

In keeping with the idea of sovereign digitalization, a strategic partnership has recently been announced between Schwarz Digits and adesso, one of Germany's leading IT service providers. “Central to the partnership is the ambition to develop data-sovereign German cloud infrastructure and to use this as a foundation for introducing disruptive, data-driven technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) for organizations with complex data security and compliance requirements,” says Wolf. The partnership includes, among other things, a cooperation between adesso, STACKIT, and cybersecurity specialist XM Cyber.

. “The IT solutions provided by Schwarz Digits are not only trustworthy, but also sovereign according to the highest German standards,” explains Mark Lohweber, CEO of adesso. “This makes these solutions an attractive proposition for future-oriented, joint projects, also in collaboration with Aleph Alpha. We are excited about the partnership and firmly believe that we will be able to make an important contribution toward sustainable digitalization in Germany going forward.”